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As soon as you have finished the training on any microscope, you are granted access to our "Image Processing and Analysis" PCs in the main BIOP Office, AI-0140. You can access this room at any moment of the week with your CAMIPRO card.


If you plan to acquire a high amount of images for analysis, it is recommended to speak with us about the best way to do this acquisition before starting!

IP Training & Tool Developement

Our staff is at your disposal for any training on the available machines and software.

We provide scripting for automation of large scale images analysis or programming for new solutions if the existing software is not up to the task.

In some cases, for extremely specific processing, we can start a collaboration with an "Image Processing" group at the EPFL. This solution goes maily through a Masters project.


The "Image Processing and Analysis" room (AI-0140) offers computers with state-of-the-art software to analyse microscopy data, including:

The "Image Processing" BIOP team will help you to find solutions for analysing, quantifying or visualizing your images as best as possible.

Fiji    Cell Profiler Scientific Volume Imaging   MetaMorph  Matlab  Bitplane Imaris

Handouts & Tutorials:

We provide and handouts related to basics in image processing, as well as specific tutorials on how to use our systems.


Tools developed and maintained by the BIOP, as well as tutorials are available in the downloads page.

IP Handouts and Tutorials


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