bioimaging and optics platform BIOP


Zeiss Lightsheet Z1


Objective Magnif. / NA Medium Contrast Working Distance Clearing
EC Plan Neofluar 5x/0.16 air - 18.5mm YES
W Plan Apochromoat 20x/1.0 Corr water - 1.8mm -
W Plan Apochromat 40x/1.0 water - 2.5mm -
W Plan Apochromat 63x/1.0 water - 1.8mm -
EC Plan Neofluar 20x/1.45 Corr Clearing - 5.6mm YES

FIXE Wavelengths Avaibility Laser type and power Some dyes and use
405nm YES Solid state, --mW DAPI, Hoechst, PA, Uncaging
488nm YES Solid state, --mW GFP, Alexa488, CY2
555nm YES Solid state, --mW Alexa568
639nm YES Solid state, --mW DRAQ5, CY5, Alexa648


BioImaging and Optics platform (PTBIOP)

Station 15
CH-1015 Lausanne
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Dr. Arne Seitz

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